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The Curriculum Model Development: The Flower Kindergarten

The underlying philosophy

At first, we want to mention that this study has enabled us a lot of opportunities and advantages in terms of improving our knowledge on early childhood development area. We have tried to find out the ways to make our brain storm while thinking about how a kindergarten & preschool class design should have been, which theories have been right for the ideas and opinions which were in our mind.

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A Work on Phonological & Phonetic & Phonemic Awareness of Children

          Q. The importance of phonological awareness skills in supporting emergent literacy
          To discuss the importance of phonological awareness skills in supporting emergent literacy, at first I want to try to explain what is phonological awareness and then what is emergent literacy. Because I am not qualified enough about “language development”, I think, I should prefer not only to make some comments due to my knowledge and poor life experience but also to use some articles as being references while describing what they are.

Improving Creativity Development by Applying Art Activities in the Middle Childhood

The main purpose of this work is to focus on the relationship between of children’s creativity development and art activities. To describe this relationship, at first I will focus on the definition of the creativity and after focus on the importance of the creativity for children. Finally, I will point out why the term “ART” is important for children’s creativity development. I will support my paper with an experimental study’s conclusion.

Challenging Behavior in Young Children


In this work, there are 5 incidents, their analyses, and final thoughts. Because it is summer term, at Bogazici Campus Yuva students generally were in their out-door activity time. Whenever I went to the Yuva (which had only 3-year-old students); all students, all teachers, and all caregivers have been in the garden for 3 hours (from 9 to 12 O’clock). As a result, teachers in the logs are not the same because a teacher cared with the students who are from both of her own class and other class. Because there were many teachers, I did not state the teacher’s names but state the student’s names.

A Philosophy of Teaching

Each person may have own philosophy related to his/her job. As I am a teacher (not now but in the future) normally I have my philosophy, too. I know that there are many hidden aspects of being a teacher. Being a primary school teacher means noise in the class & phone calls in the home, documenting every move you make, and accountability.

An Observation in American Robert College Child Study Center

I. About Robert College Child Study Center

The education in American Robert College Child Study Center is based on Active Learning. Moreover, the educational program includes Multiple Intelligence, Values Education and GEMS (Great Explorations in Math&Science) programs. In order to foster overall development of children, High/Scope Key Experiences are used. Activities are planned in a line with these key experiences. These together with the direct experiences of children result in cognitive restructuring. Multiple Intelligence Theory aims to assess the individual differences, abilities, and interests of children. [1]

Connecting Children to “Music-Movement”&“Nature”

         I. Introduction
         During an education process in the early childhood area, there are too many ways to learn a topic, an issue or a concept for infants, toddlers and young children. Generally, preschool children can learn & be educated by using of verbal directions, ways of touching and feeling, visual techniques, questioning methods or auditory skills etc. In a certain extent, these all techniques will be useful, however if we are to think about learning process by auditory skills, we may claim that using of the rhymes may be an easier way because when a child hears a music, probably he/she will start to move. During this enjoyable time which is occurred thanks to the rhymes between the music-movement, the level of his/her motivation will be higher and he/she will learn more easily and more effectively. “Experts have noted that listening to music activates parts of the brain that are involved with emotion and motivation in humans. (Levetin, 2006, p. 191)”